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"Your roof takes care of you — return the favor with a yearly inspection that’ll stop moisture damage and head off expensive repairs."


Roof inspections are sometimes ordered by the lender in order to determine the life remaining of the roof surface. Some lenders require that there are at least 3yrs of life remaining on the roof surface. As an inspector, I have over twenty 20 years of experience conducting roof inspections. Roof inspections are included in a general home inspection. Sometimes a roof inspection is needed to help identify a source of a roof leak. This is something I can do for either the homeowner or the buyer.

Whether you are a home buyer or seller, you may like to know the condition of the home’s roof. The roof element of the building inspection includes the exterior roof and features as well as the inside attic space.

Client Testimonials

  • Very Professional received my report in a timely manner! Very knowledgeable as well and his prices are great also.
    ~Joe Ciavarella
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