A Plus Inspection Services - Established in 1997

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Welcome to A+ Inspections

Whether you are purchasing, selling or just want to have your home assessed, having a professional home inspection company will offer you peace of mind and help you out with a seamless process.

400-500 structures inspected per year.

We are trusted by home buyers to assist them in making informed decisions. Our home inspections normally range from two to three hours long depending on the size of the home. We invite you to come along with your inspector as they perform their thorough home inspection process.

We have multiple certifications and are recognized nationally as one of the area's best home inspection agencies. Although a home may look great on the outside, it may have serious functional or safety issues on the inside.

We inspect over thousands of items per home inspection to ensure the soundness of your property. We take great pride in every inspection in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and the surrounding states. When the inspection is over, our inspectors will prepare a detailed property inspection report regarding the home.

Why Us?

We are the best around. Period.

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