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Pre-sale inspections are a great idea before you put your home up for sale with a realtor or selling yourself. The idea and purpose of a pre-sale inspection is for the seller’s to identify any defects or problems with the home prior to the listing so that these items can either be repaired or the price can be adjusted. A pre-sale inspection can also help you avoid any surprises when the buyer has their own inspection. As the area’s leading home inspector you can count on a quality and accurate report.

What can a certified home inspection from A Buyer’s Choice can do for you?

  • Helps with a faster sale for more money.
  • Eliminate last minute deal negotiations or sale cancellations.
  • Makes you aware of existing issues, giving you the chance to address them now with competitive pricing, not buyer procured estimates.
  • We work with you on the final report if there are items you wish to repair.
  • Great to have a summary page for your open house handouts.
  • Reduce your liability with full disclosure

Client Testimonials

  • Very Professional received my report in a timely manner! Very knowledgeable as well and his prices are great also.
    ~Joe Ciavarella
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