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Basement inspections are part of a home inspection. Sometimes basement inspections are needed to help figure out the cause of basement moisture. Many factors go into finding the cause of water penetration in a basement. As an inspector, I can offer a truthful opinion as to the likely source of where the water is coming from. It is recommended that anyone who is considered “waterproofing” a basement call me before you sign a contract. I might save you thousands of dollars.


A house typically needs a solid foundation on which to remain erect. A home’s foundation is just such a structural necessity that its proper function and overall condition cannot be overlooked. During the inspection, the foundation is visually examined for signs of defect. A stone or concrete foundation may exhibit signs of cracking, but these could be fairly indicative of normal stresses.

Cracks and Defects

There are many different structural forces at work on a house and over time some materials respond accordingly. Stone and concrete foundations can exhibit types of cracks that may only be in keeping with normal environmental stresses. There are a host of different types of cracks and an inspector may recommend a structural engineer examine certain types more carefully. However, there are often other clues that help to indicate serious foundation defects.

During a pre-purchase home inspection, home buyers should heed the advice of a home inspector if he is recommending further specialized evaluation. Repairing a foundation can be even more costly than replacing a roof.

Wet Basements

A damp or wet basement, particularly in older homes and in certain environments is not a big surprise. A home seller is obligated in most instances to disclose a wet basement. There are degrees of “wet.” A basement that floods each time it rains can eliminate use of the space for nearly any purpose and poses a potential safety hazard if there are electrical systems present.

Not only does a wet basement limit habitable space, but it also is the perfect environment for mold and mildew.

Basement Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew thrive in environments where there is moisture, humidity, inadequate ventilation and little light. A basement is often a perfect host. Mold and mildew can be a problem if the condition is expansive or if someone in the home is sensitive to the airborne spores. For those individuals with respiratory ailments and allergies, mold and mildew spores can aggravate their medical conditions and possibly affect their long-term health.

A+ Home Inspection Services carefully inspects your home or buildings foundation and basement.

Client Testimonials

  • Very Professional received my report in a timely manner! Very knowledgeable as well and his prices are great also.
    ~Joe Ciavarella
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